Friday, September 7, 2012

Ugh not again lol

Well I was back and was looking forward to getting back into my blog and posting stuff but again my NEW laptop took a crap for the time being.. This time it was the screen. I dont know how it happend because I was not home but the whole screen was cracked and it was all white with the cracks in it and when I called to see how much it was gonna cost to fix they told me any where from 199-480 dollars so now I have to wait to get it fixed. 

So for now I been using my sisters laptop and her hubbys laptop. I dont wanna save all the pics and that to their laptops so I might just update here and there. 

Im still gonna keep up with all the post I have missed from the people I follow :) Hope everyone had a great summer. The kids are back in school and Im loving it! lol 

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