Tuesday, January 31, 2012

REVIEW- E.L.F- Makeup Lock & Seal

As most of you know I LOVE E.L.F makeup and brushes..

However... Im not a huge fan of the lock and seal.. I have tried it all of last week and again today and well its just not working for me.. Dont get me wrong Im still gonna use it because im not one to waste money and it does lock in the eye shadow.


the problems are.. (just want you all to know I only used it for my eye shadow)

1. It has a smell like a cleaning supply so deff not a fan of the smell..
2. it burns ur eyes. not the eye lid but it will make the inside of ur eyes burn and sting and mine even started to water. I wasnt gonna put it over my eye liner becaise i didnt wanna burn the hell outta my eye and have my eye watering like a waterfall lol
3. when u put the makeup on the brush when its damp with the lock an seal the color dont come off the way it would if u didnt use this lock and seal. I had to apply more eye shadow once it fully dried to get the full color of the shadow.

Now just because I dont care for it dont mean u wont like it.. its one of them things u just gotta try your self. we all have different taste on what we like.. Im in no way telling u not to get this because u will hate it and im not gonna tell u to run out and get this.. You have to make ur own choice on this one.. Im just telling u about how I feel on this. :)

Dollar store finds.

The other day we went up to lunch about 40 mins away and they have the best dollar srore. lol. They always have new stock every time we go. Right now they have tons of the ELF eye shadows and ther ELF stuff which I already have so I didnt pick any of them up..

What I did get tho, I never tried or had before so I got 4 things.. 

The Almay eye shadow at Walmart was 8 dollars and some odd cents and so when I seen it at the dollar store I couldnt pass it up.. Its for Green eyes. Which I have.. so that was another plus..

Anyways, we did go shopping for the kids yesterday and we got tons of things from 4 different stores and we only ended up spending are 200 dollars.. Thats the my next post :)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Just a quick post

Im excited, because we(my sister and I) are going shopping today for our kids.. The girls' (my daughter and my sisters daughter) get home from 4-K at 11:30 a.m. and then we are heading out because we have to be back by 4 p.m. to get my nephew off the bus.

Im trying to find sales at the outlet malls but I cant find nothing besides the Childerns Place and they are having an awsome sale.. ALL boots are only $9.99 and there winter blow out sales start at $2.99. Im hoping they have some goodies left by the time we get there..

Carters is also having a good sale. I love carters PJ's and my daughter does to.. She rather be in PJ's all day then clothes. lol. can tell she is mine.. I love my PJ's and slippers all day every day lol..

Im hoping they have some of the summer stuff out because I wanna try and find some dresses because Charmaine loves dresses and playing dress up.

This weekend went by so fast.. We had my nephews 9th b-day get toegther on Saturday and he was so excited when he opened his gifts and seen he had gotten a Ipod touch and 30 dollar gift cards for itunes. He wanted me to stay up all night and download songs.. but what kinda songs to u download for a 9 year old?? lol

He kept telling me to download the songs I like and I just looked at him because the songs I like have a lot of swear words and he swears enough. plus dont wanna get him in trouble at school if someone hears some of his songs..

I should go get ready.. But Im so lazy this morning... lol

Anyways, If I find any good things today Ill make another post with pics when I get back.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Classy... E.L.F lipstick

Its like love in a lil tube lol.. okk that was so corny but whatever lol

I use to skip over ELF's lipsticks because they always looked so dark in the tubes and I really HATE dark lips on me..

I i just picked up the Classy one and (i LOVE it.) I am so happy i did. It is NOT as dark as it looks in the tube.

Im deff gonna go back to Target and pick up a few more. 

Friday, January 27, 2012

Haul for my daughter. LOTS of pics

My bestfriend Nichole texted me today telling me she bought my daughter a couple outfits and sent me 2 pics of them.. I thought she only bought the 2 until my sister got home and bought them in(my sister had picked them up on her way home). There were SIX outfits.. 

They are all from walmart and were all on sale for 3 dollars each..

My daughter LOVED them.. She loves clothes..

These next ones my sister and i picked up yesterday when we took the kids out to lunch. These ones are for summer..

(My sister picked this one. i dunno how much it was)

(This one was $1.50)

(it was only $1.50)

(I picked this one too. 4 dollars for the whole outfit)

(I think this dress is UGLY.. lol my sister loves it tho.. dunno how much this one was)

(I picked this one out and I LOVVVVVE  it lol.. $6.50)

(I picked this one out. Its perfect for my daughter. she loves monkeys and she loves the camera.. $2.50)

Me and my sister will be going to the outlet malls next week sometime to hit up the kids clothing stores for there winter blow out sales so we can stock up on winter clothes for next year for the kids and do some summer shopping for clothes to. Her daughter and my daughter are in the same size. so they share every outfit. They are only 6 weeks apart in age..

Here is my lil diva..

Eye Shadow Collection

This is all my eye shadows. I think the most expensive ones I have are the ELF 144 palettes and the 120 palette. The ELF ones were 15 dollars each but I used a 50% off code  which made them each $7.50 and the 120 palette was $13.75 and i got that one off Ebay from Hong Kong.

The smaller ELP Palettes were $5.00 but I used the same 50% off code and got them for $2.50 each.

The Almay ones I got for a $1.00 each from the dollar store.

And the rest I paid between .49 cents to 4 dollars.

I had more but I cleared some out and gave them away. 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Foundation Collection and a Question

I dont have many and none of them are high end..
the most expensive one I have is only 10 dollars lol.
these are all from the drug store, walmart, and target.

There are a few different colors because in summer im tanner, fall and winter im super white lol and in spring im in between really white and just starting to get a lil darker.

some of the bottles are almost empty.

 These are all of themm ^^

I really dont like these ones but i do use them once in a great while. I hate the feel of it but once its on the skin for a few it feels fine.

These were once my all time fav. but they are now my 2nd all time fav.. These are 3 different shades. shade 1 is the lightest u can get. then there is a shade 3 which is for the spring and start of summer and then there is a 3.5 shade which is for the whole summer.

I have to be honest I just bought these because they were 50% off and I only a lil over 3 dollars each. I have only wore this kinda once. and i cant say if i like it or not because i wore it when my skin was dry so it was cakey and patchy. I do plan to try it again.

I like this one.. Its almost done. I got it at a Goodwill. It was brand new in the package and it was only $1.99. I use this one a lot when i do my makeup.

I have not tried this one yet.. I just got this one at Walgreens when they had the 50% ff sale..

Another one I have not tried. I have heard good thing about it tho. So im excited to try this one.

I ONLY wear this one for pics in the winter so it gives me a little color.

My all time fav foundation. I only use this when I go out or a family get together. I have it in Ivory (lightest color u can get) and then I have one in Buff that i use in the summer.

I dont know how i feel about this yet.. I used it last summer when it was really hot and didnt want my real foundation to melt off my face. This did leave my face a lil patchy and orange but then again my skin was bad. I had soem darker spots on my face and then some really white patches. Ima give it another shot this summer.

So there you have it.. All my foundations. and like i said they are all cheap foundations. I cant afford high end ones so these work for me. lol.

Whats your fav foundation???

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Love Sales.

I was online reading some blogs and someone had posted that at Kmart all Revlon make up was 40% off. So I talked my sister into going cuz we had to go to walmart anyways to pick up my nephews b-day gift which is an Ipod.. Lucky kid..

Anyways, the only Kmart around here is abour 45 mins away.. We got there and OMG Kmart is not cheap for makeup like they use to be.. A Revlon foundation was ALMOST12 dollars. At walmart they are only $9.98.. but with the 40% off I was like what the hell It will still be cheaper then the 10 dollars at walmart.. lol.

So, I only picked up one thing and that was the Revlon Color Stay Foundation in the color 110 Ivory.

So anyways I saved $4.80.. Cant go wrong there..

Im kinda kicking myself in the ass for not picking up a few more when I had the chance.. The sale is only until tomorrow (Thursday 1/26) And I wont be heading that way :( Oh well there will always be aonther sale some day.. Ill just stock up then :)

My 1st review

Im no good at reviews.. But Im gonna give it a try..

If your in the states you know its winter.. and with winter come the DRY skin..
With me. Its my face.. And its not just a lil dry patch here and there its my WHOLE face.. I look like a skin shedding its skin..
Its a big pain in the ass..

In winter time I dont normaly wear make up because of the dry skin.. So far this winter I have only did my make up once.. and it looked so bad. I looked so cakey with dry skin hanging off..

Anyways.. I have tryed so many diff lotions and face creams..
So I started watching YouTube videos and reading blogs and decided to try a  moisture made just for the face. Well i tried a few of them and most of them made my face feel like i was wearing a mask of oil. 

Then I found Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture for Sensitive Skin

  At 1st I was ify with it because it did feel like it was pure oil. but once I rubbed it all it my face felt so smooth and soft, I did how ever have a few breakouts the 1st few days and they went away and I havent had any since.
I been using it for 2 weeks now twice a day along with a Neutrogena face scrub. And my face feels amazing..

If your cheap like me this stuff it a lil bit on the higher side. I paid a lil over $10.00(US dollars) for 4 oz. I got it from walmart.. lol..

I will be rebuying this once I run out.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Tiny Haul

My sister and I had to go shopping yesterday.
We usally go to a different town to do our shopping, but yesterday I wanted to head up to Fond Du Lac because they have a Target and a awsome Dollar Tree lol

Yes I am a CHEAP shopper.

Anyways, We did our normal weekly shopping for meals and crap and then it was my turn.

We ran to the dollar store and we looked around and of course I stopped at the makeup part of the store and they had a lot of goodies.. and LOTS of ELF stuff but I didnt need any of it because I have almost everything I need. I really wanted to get all of it but this Mommy couldnt.. It would have been a waste.

So I just grabbed 4 things from there. 3 N.Y.C Cheek Glow's and a lil face brush..

Then we headed over to Target.. And I was in makeup heaven. I had a few things in my hand but I ended up putting all but 2 things away.. lol

All I got was a ELF Lipstick in the color Classy and Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scurb.

We were gonna hit TJ Maxx but it had started to freezing rain and we had a 35 min drive home so we didnt get to go. I was hoping to get my daughter a new back pack (Hello Kitty cuz she wnt use anything else) and a few outfits.. But that will have to wait..

Anways here are some pics of everything I picked up.. I spent less then $20 (US money)

(used this nce so far)

(this thing is kinda rough on the face lol)

On to other things..

This weekend was pretty good.. We went out to eat on Saturday and rented to movies. The kids got a few movies and us adults did to.. I rented The Help.. I enjoyed the movie. Im a big sap ass so I did cry a few times threw the movie lol.. Sunday we did our shopping and cooked and watched FOOTBALL!!! :) Cant wait until the Super Bowl on Feb 5th.. Hope NY gets there asses whooped.. Im only saying that cuz they beat my PACKERS in the play offs. haha.

My nephew turns 9 tomorrow.. Ahh how time flys... Me and him dont get along most of the time cuz of his sassy-ness and his hitting and stuff but he is still family. I hope he at least listens on his birthday.. Maybe he will grow up and stop his crap some day.. lol.. Love him tho..

Today the kids didnt have school.. They go back tomorrow. Which I think Im more excited about lol. I have her clothes picked out already and shes had her bath and we just have to do our nightly reading and she is off to bed..

Anyways, I hope everyone had a great weekend and a great Monday...

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Green and Yellow makeup (pictures)

I live in Wisconsin (USA) and if you know the USA we love football..
In Wisconsin our team is the PACKERS! And ur colors are Green and Yellow (or gold if u wanna use that lol)

And if your a football fan and in the USA you know that the Packers are out of the play offs now. :(
(Last Sunday they lost. I was so heart broken... But thats still my team and I love them)

Anyways, when football season started I did a Green and Yellow eye look.. And I wore it for almost every Sunday/Monday when they played..
(I even got my 4 year old daughter in on it and she let me put a lil eye shadow on her but if you have a 4 year old you know they are to wiggly, so she ended up with shadow all around her eyes lol)

Here is the list of the products I used.

120 Full Colors Eye Shadow Palett (I got off ebay from Hong Kong)
ELF Eye Lash curler
Wet n Wild eyeliner brush (to put the eye shadow under my eyes)
ELF blending brush
ELF eye lid primer
Rimmel Day 2 Night Mascara
Maybelline New York unstoppable eyeliner in the color Onyx
ELF Eye Shadow Brush

And down below is My Daughter.. She looks like a lil boy lol.. But she keeps telling me to post her picture.. She wants to show off her Packer gear.. lol

Anyways, I hope ya'll enjoyed this post.. Im not really good at doing makeup because I really dont wear it lol. Bit I love it!! If your reading this I hope your all having a great weekend.