Friday, September 7, 2012

Ugh not again lol

Well I was back and was looking forward to getting back into my blog and posting stuff but again my NEW laptop took a crap for the time being.. This time it was the screen. I dont know how it happend because I was not home but the whole screen was cracked and it was all white with the cracks in it and when I called to see how much it was gonna cost to fix they told me any where from 199-480 dollars so now I have to wait to get it fixed. 

So for now I been using my sisters laptop and her hubbys laptop. I dont wanna save all the pics and that to their laptops so I might just update here and there. 

Im still gonna keep up with all the post I have missed from the people I follow :) Hope everyone had a great summer. The kids are back in school and Im loving it! lol 

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Im Back...

I been MIA for awhile.. Mainly because I for got my password when my lap top died.. My whole hard drive went out and I lost EVERYTHING!! It took me a lil over a month to get a new one.. I was this morning and found my lil notebook with all my user names and passwords.. So exciting.. I have TONS of blogs to catch up on.. This will take a while. LOL. 

Ok just wanted to do a quick update!

Ill be back  to posting soon! :)

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Here are some pics I took the other day when we went on a 3.2 mile walk after working out at Curves. :) Im loving it.. I have lost 14 pounds so far.. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I know this is blog is mainly about makeup and beauty but I have been so busy. I hit that milestone in my life where I needed a change.. 

So... I joined CURVES!! and I LOVE it!! Today was only my 2nd day going and working out but I feel amazing. I havent felt this good in YEARS!!

I plan on getting back into updating this blog cuz I have a few new goodies I like to share. :) 

Until then.... I hope everyone is having a great week so far!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My e.l.f. collection

I really dont have much to blog about.
I have some hauls coming up. Im still waiting on a few things in the mail..
So until then here is my EyesLipsFace collection. 

(click to make bigger)

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Im really not into brown eye shadows but lately I been playing around with em and I have to say I kinda am starting to like em.. 

This is the EOTD I did a few days ago. 

Here is what I used...

the N.Y.C Foundation SUCKS for me.. It made my skin itch like crazy I had to wash it off..

The only brushes I used. Love them.. Sorry about the cat hair on the sponge tip eye shadow brush lol

I have a Haul to post from EyeLipsFace.. I was missing one thing so Ill post it as soon as I get the missing item in the mail.. Hopefully I get it this week.. It was sent to FedEx on the 2nd but they havent updated the site yet.. 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

St Patty's Day EOTD

I was bored yesterday morning when the kids went too school so I just played with some eye shadows. 

I used the 144 eye shadow palette from E.L.F.

Its not the best. but it was like 7:30 a.m. lol I dont even think i was fully awake yet haha..yeah that my excuse. haha

I used the 3rd row in the E.L.F's 144 palette and mixed 3 diff colors and just blended it. I seen a lady that works at the dollar tree wearing green eye shadow and it looked so cute. Hers was way better then my turned out but whatever lol.. i aint a pro and was just having fun :)

I hate that you can really see my scar on my eye lid (if u cant yay haha.) I fell in the bath tub when i was like 12 and took off a huge peice of skin on my lid up by the brow bone.. I really hate it tho cuz it always looks like my eye shadow gets stuck there when it really aint lol

Monday, February 27, 2012

Finally went shopping w/pics

I only got a few things.. :) So I was good lol

I went to Walgreens because I had to pick up some pictures I printed off. and if yu read my last post you know Walgreens was having 50% off of all Rimmel London make up.. Its one of my fav brands :) 

This is what I got...

Scandaleyes: $3.49
Stay matte powder: $2.99
Match Perfection Foundation:$2.99
Wet n Wild white eyeliner: $0.99

Its all Rimmel London but the White eyeliner that is Wet n Wild.

Then we went to Walmart. I just wanted to look at the hair dye.. Im getting sick of the light brown I have now so i picked up  2 boxes :)

Revlon x2: $6.62(total)

We shall see how this turns out lol

Tomorrow morning me and my sister have to meet one of her friends before all this snow comes in and where we are going has a target and kmart so Im gonna stop there and see what kinda ELF stuff they have.. 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

EOTN- My 1st

Just a quick post of my eye of the night.. 
My daughter went to bed early so I just wanted to play around with some eye make up.. lol
Its Saturday night and im sitting home being lame but I LOVE it.. 
PLaying with makeup and watching my baby sleep, dont get no better then that..

Tomorrow Im going shopping at Walgreens cuz all the Rimmel makeup is 50% off and Im in love with there face powder (it will be $2.99 on sale) and I wanna try some of there eye/lip liners (they will be $1.74-$2.24 on sale). 

I should get to bed. :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just a lil update

Not to much has been going on, really.. Cant really blog with this damn laptop cuz my o key and a key hardly ever work. So its annoying the hell outta me. I gotta hit them 2 keys harder then the other ones and most of the time i have to go back and add them letters lol

I been on ebay looking for  a new keyborad. I found a few but they will take up to 2+ weeks cuz they are from Hong Kong.. The place I took my laptop to wants 45 for the keyborad and 55 dollars to install it.. NO thank u. lol

Good thing my sister is friends with  a guy that installs them for a living. All I have to do is buy the keyborad and he will install it for free. 

We are also starting on cleaning out the house so we can get someone in here soon and see how much it will cost to re do the whole house. So Im excited about that.

This morning i worked on cleaning my closet out and it dont even look like i touched it. I put all my stuff in there so my lil hands on every thing daughter will leave it alone.. She loves getting into everything. Shes been after my lip glosses and lip sticks since i bought them.. I had to install a child proof lock on the door just to keep her out lol...

I been doing my best to not place another ELF order. I have way too much makeup as it is now. I dont know why I want more.. lol.. Theres a few things I wanna order that I havent tried yet.. But Im being good..

My 30th b-day in coming up in April and I wanna order a few things I "NEED", like new glasses and maybe get  few boxes of contacts.. I hate not being able to see when I try and do my make up lol. 

Im also gonna get my lip pierced.. I wanted a tattoo but I dont know what I want and I dont wanna get something that I will get sick of seeing after awhile. 

I went to the doctors again yesterday for another cervical cancer screening and if it comes back abnormal ill have to go get parts of my cervix cut off again.. Im getting sick of going every 6 months for this shit.. but gotta do it.. 

I guess thats all I have to blog about for now.. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

3 Outfits/pictures

My girl Nikki went shopping and bought Charmaine and Kenna 3 outfits. :) Shes the best.. and I LOVE them. I cant wait to get them.. 

Nikki if u read this.. THANK YOU so much.. I love them. :)

The 1st 2 are dresses. The 2nd one im getting Charmaine's pictures done. Nikki also bought matching tights and shoes for that one. :) 

 This one is so cute.. Charmaine will wear it next x-mas :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012


I been so lazy lately.. Its that time of year I guess lol.
I havent done my makeup for awhile.. Im giving my skin some breathing time..
My face is so dye again.. i been using my face cream and thats not even helping right now.
That happens every winter.. When spring and summer hit Ill be all oily and gross lol.. JOY.. haha

I did go shopping the other day cuz my daughter needed some hair clips. So I bought her 5 different kinds of hair clips and bands.. 

I also bought myself some makeup sponge things and 2 more sets of fake lashes and some lash glue. I havent put lashes on in so long that I prolly forgot how lol..

I also been slacking on making a doc appt with the female doctor. lol. I hate going every 6 months.  I hate getting my cervix cut and tested for cervical cancer.. It always comes back normal for that but they still do it.. and it HURTS!! lol.. 

I also have to make an eye appt.. Im 2 years over due for it. But I wanna order glasses online so I need to get in so I know what to order.. 

Next week is also V-day... And I havent even started my daughters V-day cards for her class. lol.. I hope we can sit down and do them this weekend without everyone else home.. 

I cant believe there is only 3 in  a half months of school left.. Then in Sept she will be in school ALL day.. And she will be 5.... She will still be my baby tho.. I miss when she was a new born.. Makes me have baby fever. lol.. but no more babies for me.. 

Well gotta cut this short.. 2 lil girls are trying to have a tea party in my room so that means water and milk will be all over the floor lol.. 

KIDS!!!!! Love them <3 

Monday, February 6, 2012

She WON!!!!

YAY!! My daughter (Charmaine) won The New To You Kids photo contest with a total of 454 LIKES on facebook..

She (well me) won a 100 dollar gift card to there store.. 
AND a photoshoot (which I will pass on)

Mama cant wait to get it and go shopping for her and my niece!!

THANK YOU to everyone who voted from here. :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

I need your help..

Hey everyone.. I need your help.. My daughter is trying to win a 100 dollar gift card to a kids clothing store so I was wondering if any of ya'll have a facebook page and if so can ya'll go to the link im gonna post and just click LIKE on the picture?? PLEASE!!

The link will open in a new window. So please help a mommy out?

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

REVIEW- E.L.F- Makeup Lock & Seal

As most of you know I LOVE E.L.F makeup and brushes..

However... Im not a huge fan of the lock and seal.. I have tried it all of last week and again today and well its just not working for me.. Dont get me wrong Im still gonna use it because im not one to waste money and it does lock in the eye shadow.


the problems are.. (just want you all to know I only used it for my eye shadow)

1. It has a smell like a cleaning supply so deff not a fan of the smell..
2. it burns ur eyes. not the eye lid but it will make the inside of ur eyes burn and sting and mine even started to water. I wasnt gonna put it over my eye liner becaise i didnt wanna burn the hell outta my eye and have my eye watering like a waterfall lol
3. when u put the makeup on the brush when its damp with the lock an seal the color dont come off the way it would if u didnt use this lock and seal. I had to apply more eye shadow once it fully dried to get the full color of the shadow.

Now just because I dont care for it dont mean u wont like it.. its one of them things u just gotta try your self. we all have different taste on what we like.. Im in no way telling u not to get this because u will hate it and im not gonna tell u to run out and get this.. You have to make ur own choice on this one.. Im just telling u about how I feel on this. :)

Dollar store finds.

The other day we went up to lunch about 40 mins away and they have the best dollar srore. lol. They always have new stock every time we go. Right now they have tons of the ELF eye shadows and ther ELF stuff which I already have so I didnt pick any of them up..

What I did get tho, I never tried or had before so I got 4 things.. 

The Almay eye shadow at Walmart was 8 dollars and some odd cents and so when I seen it at the dollar store I couldnt pass it up.. Its for Green eyes. Which I have.. so that was another plus..

Anyways, we did go shopping for the kids yesterday and we got tons of things from 4 different stores and we only ended up spending are 200 dollars.. Thats the my next post :)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Just a quick post

Im excited, because we(my sister and I) are going shopping today for our kids.. The girls' (my daughter and my sisters daughter) get home from 4-K at 11:30 a.m. and then we are heading out because we have to be back by 4 p.m. to get my nephew off the bus.

Im trying to find sales at the outlet malls but I cant find nothing besides the Childerns Place and they are having an awsome sale.. ALL boots are only $9.99 and there winter blow out sales start at $2.99. Im hoping they have some goodies left by the time we get there..

Carters is also having a good sale. I love carters PJ's and my daughter does to.. She rather be in PJ's all day then clothes. lol. can tell she is mine.. I love my PJ's and slippers all day every day lol..

Im hoping they have some of the summer stuff out because I wanna try and find some dresses because Charmaine loves dresses and playing dress up.

This weekend went by so fast.. We had my nephews 9th b-day get toegther on Saturday and he was so excited when he opened his gifts and seen he had gotten a Ipod touch and 30 dollar gift cards for itunes. He wanted me to stay up all night and download songs.. but what kinda songs to u download for a 9 year old?? lol

He kept telling me to download the songs I like and I just looked at him because the songs I like have a lot of swear words and he swears enough. plus dont wanna get him in trouble at school if someone hears some of his songs..

I should go get ready.. But Im so lazy this morning... lol

Anyways, If I find any good things today Ill make another post with pics when I get back.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Classy... E.L.F lipstick

Its like love in a lil tube lol.. okk that was so corny but whatever lol

I use to skip over ELF's lipsticks because they always looked so dark in the tubes and I really HATE dark lips on me..

I i just picked up the Classy one and (i LOVE it.) I am so happy i did. It is NOT as dark as it looks in the tube.

Im deff gonna go back to Target and pick up a few more. 

Friday, January 27, 2012

Haul for my daughter. LOTS of pics

My bestfriend Nichole texted me today telling me she bought my daughter a couple outfits and sent me 2 pics of them.. I thought she only bought the 2 until my sister got home and bought them in(my sister had picked them up on her way home). There were SIX outfits.. 

They are all from walmart and were all on sale for 3 dollars each..

My daughter LOVED them.. She loves clothes..

These next ones my sister and i picked up yesterday when we took the kids out to lunch. These ones are for summer..

(My sister picked this one. i dunno how much it was)

(This one was $1.50)

(it was only $1.50)

(I picked this one too. 4 dollars for the whole outfit)

(I think this dress is UGLY.. lol my sister loves it tho.. dunno how much this one was)

(I picked this one out and I LOVVVVVE  it lol.. $6.50)

(I picked this one out. Its perfect for my daughter. she loves monkeys and she loves the camera.. $2.50)

Me and my sister will be going to the outlet malls next week sometime to hit up the kids clothing stores for there winter blow out sales so we can stock up on winter clothes for next year for the kids and do some summer shopping for clothes to. Her daughter and my daughter are in the same size. so they share every outfit. They are only 6 weeks apart in age..

Here is my lil diva..