Monday, February 27, 2012

Finally went shopping w/pics

I only got a few things.. :) So I was good lol

I went to Walgreens because I had to pick up some pictures I printed off. and if yu read my last post you know Walgreens was having 50% off of all Rimmel London make up.. Its one of my fav brands :) 

This is what I got...

Scandaleyes: $3.49
Stay matte powder: $2.99
Match Perfection Foundation:$2.99
Wet n Wild white eyeliner: $0.99

Its all Rimmel London but the White eyeliner that is Wet n Wild.

Then we went to Walmart. I just wanted to look at the hair dye.. Im getting sick of the light brown I have now so i picked up  2 boxes :)

Revlon x2: $6.62(total)

We shall see how this turns out lol

Tomorrow morning me and my sister have to meet one of her friends before all this snow comes in and where we are going has a target and kmart so Im gonna stop there and see what kinda ELF stuff they have.. 


  1. Getting Rimmel at 50% off is a definite deal! My Walgreens doesn't have that special... =-( I hope you like the hair color- I think it's a really nice one.

    1. My walgreens was trying to tell me only 3 things were 50% off so i pulled out the flyer and they acted like they didnt know anything about it. but they still gave it to me all for 50% off. I also like the hair color but I dont think it will be too much of a change then the color i have now. i wanted a red color but they didnt have any besides the burgundy colors and that always turns my hair purple lol.