Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just a lil update

Not to much has been going on, really.. Cant really blog with this damn laptop cuz my o key and a key hardly ever work. So its annoying the hell outta me. I gotta hit them 2 keys harder then the other ones and most of the time i have to go back and add them letters lol

I been on ebay looking for  a new keyborad. I found a few but they will take up to 2+ weeks cuz they are from Hong Kong.. The place I took my laptop to wants 45 for the keyborad and 55 dollars to install it.. NO thank u. lol

Good thing my sister is friends with  a guy that installs them for a living. All I have to do is buy the keyborad and he will install it for free. 

We are also starting on cleaning out the house so we can get someone in here soon and see how much it will cost to re do the whole house. So Im excited about that.

This morning i worked on cleaning my closet out and it dont even look like i touched it. I put all my stuff in there so my lil hands on every thing daughter will leave it alone.. She loves getting into everything. Shes been after my lip glosses and lip sticks since i bought them.. I had to install a child proof lock on the door just to keep her out lol...

I been doing my best to not place another ELF order. I have way too much makeup as it is now. I dont know why I want more.. lol.. Theres a few things I wanna order that I havent tried yet.. But Im being good..

My 30th b-day in coming up in April and I wanna order a few things I "NEED", like new glasses and maybe get  few boxes of contacts.. I hate not being able to see when I try and do my make up lol. 

Im also gonna get my lip pierced.. I wanted a tattoo but I dont know what I want and I dont wanna get something that I will get sick of seeing after awhile. 

I went to the doctors again yesterday for another cervical cancer screening and if it comes back abnormal ill have to go get parts of my cervix cut off again.. Im getting sick of going every 6 months for this shit.. but gotta do it.. 

I guess thats all I have to blog about for now.. 

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