Thursday, February 9, 2012


I been so lazy lately.. Its that time of year I guess lol.
I havent done my makeup for awhile.. Im giving my skin some breathing time..
My face is so dye again.. i been using my face cream and thats not even helping right now.
That happens every winter.. When spring and summer hit Ill be all oily and gross lol.. JOY.. haha

I did go shopping the other day cuz my daughter needed some hair clips. So I bought her 5 different kinds of hair clips and bands.. 

I also bought myself some makeup sponge things and 2 more sets of fake lashes and some lash glue. I havent put lashes on in so long that I prolly forgot how lol..

I also been slacking on making a doc appt with the female doctor. lol. I hate going every 6 months.  I hate getting my cervix cut and tested for cervical cancer.. It always comes back normal for that but they still do it.. and it HURTS!! lol.. 

I also have to make an eye appt.. Im 2 years over due for it. But I wanna order glasses online so I need to get in so I know what to order.. 

Next week is also V-day... And I havent even started my daughters V-day cards for her class. lol.. I hope we can sit down and do them this weekend without everyone else home.. 

I cant believe there is only 3 in  a half months of school left.. Then in Sept she will be in school ALL day.. And she will be 5.... She will still be my baby tho.. I miss when she was a new born.. Makes me have baby fever. lol.. but no more babies for me.. 

Well gotta cut this short.. 2 lil girls are trying to have a tea party in my room so that means water and milk will be all over the floor lol.. 

KIDS!!!!! Love them <3 


  1. I had so many health problems at one time and got that cervix cancer test done- it did hurt!!! There was nothing wrong but they wanted to test. Gosh- and I totally get ya girl. My skin during the winter is always dry as hell no matter what!! This time around I tried drinking a lot more water as recommended and I find that my skin still dries. This week- I went bare faced to school everyday!! I gave my face a break from makeup and it kind of felt good. =-) Enjoy life!! Slacking isn't a good word- "it happens" works better for me lol.

    1. I hate the cancer testing. I get it done once a year. they never tell ya when they are gonna cut and pull and last time it hurt worse then it ever has that i just had to bust up laughing cuz the pain was unreal. the doc kept asking if i was ok. lol. I also have been drinking TONS of water and it hasnt helped. I even take the "Skin, Hair, And Nails" pills and that dont help. I had a bunch of pics on my cam of EOTD's and FOTD's and my daughter did something with my cam and it deleted every pic on there. :( so I know what Ill be doing next week when she is at school :D