Monday, January 30, 2012

Just a quick post

Im excited, because we(my sister and I) are going shopping today for our kids.. The girls' (my daughter and my sisters daughter) get home from 4-K at 11:30 a.m. and then we are heading out because we have to be back by 4 p.m. to get my nephew off the bus.

Im trying to find sales at the outlet malls but I cant find nothing besides the Childerns Place and they are having an awsome sale.. ALL boots are only $9.99 and there winter blow out sales start at $2.99. Im hoping they have some goodies left by the time we get there..

Carters is also having a good sale. I love carters PJ's and my daughter does to.. She rather be in PJ's all day then clothes. lol. can tell she is mine.. I love my PJ's and slippers all day every day lol..

Im hoping they have some of the summer stuff out because I wanna try and find some dresses because Charmaine loves dresses and playing dress up.

This weekend went by so fast.. We had my nephews 9th b-day get toegther on Saturday and he was so excited when he opened his gifts and seen he had gotten a Ipod touch and 30 dollar gift cards for itunes. He wanted me to stay up all night and download songs.. but what kinda songs to u download for a 9 year old?? lol

He kept telling me to download the songs I like and I just looked at him because the songs I like have a lot of swear words and he swears enough. plus dont wanna get him in trouble at school if someone hears some of his songs..

I should go get ready.. But Im so lazy this morning... lol

Anyways, If I find any good things today Ill make another post with pics when I get back.

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