Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dollar store finds.

The other day we went up to lunch about 40 mins away and they have the best dollar srore. lol. They always have new stock every time we go. Right now they have tons of the ELF eye shadows and ther ELF stuff which I already have so I didnt pick any of them up..

What I did get tho, I never tried or had before so I got 4 things.. 

The Almay eye shadow at Walmart was 8 dollars and some odd cents and so when I seen it at the dollar store I couldnt pass it up.. Its for Green eyes. Which I have.. so that was another plus..

Anyways, we did go shopping for the kids yesterday and we got tons of things from 4 different stores and we only ended up spending are 200 dollars.. Thats the my next post :)

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  1. wow- that is an awesome dollar store! the ones here in town have had the same products forever... it sucks! glad you found some good deals. =-)