Monday, January 23, 2012

Tiny Haul

My sister and I had to go shopping yesterday.
We usally go to a different town to do our shopping, but yesterday I wanted to head up to Fond Du Lac because they have a Target and a awsome Dollar Tree lol

Yes I am a CHEAP shopper.

Anyways, We did our normal weekly shopping for meals and crap and then it was my turn.

We ran to the dollar store and we looked around and of course I stopped at the makeup part of the store and they had a lot of goodies.. and LOTS of ELF stuff but I didnt need any of it because I have almost everything I need. I really wanted to get all of it but this Mommy couldnt.. It would have been a waste.

So I just grabbed 4 things from there. 3 N.Y.C Cheek Glow's and a lil face brush..

Then we headed over to Target.. And I was in makeup heaven. I had a few things in my hand but I ended up putting all but 2 things away.. lol

All I got was a ELF Lipstick in the color Classy and Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scurb.

We were gonna hit TJ Maxx but it had started to freezing rain and we had a 35 min drive home so we didnt get to go. I was hoping to get my daughter a new back pack (Hello Kitty cuz she wnt use anything else) and a few outfits.. But that will have to wait..

Anways here are some pics of everything I picked up.. I spent less then $20 (US money)

(used this nce so far)

(this thing is kinda rough on the face lol)

On to other things..

This weekend was pretty good.. We went out to eat on Saturday and rented to movies. The kids got a few movies and us adults did to.. I rented The Help.. I enjoyed the movie. Im a big sap ass so I did cry a few times threw the movie lol.. Sunday we did our shopping and cooked and watched FOOTBALL!!! :) Cant wait until the Super Bowl on Feb 5th.. Hope NY gets there asses whooped.. Im only saying that cuz they beat my PACKERS in the play offs. haha.

My nephew turns 9 tomorrow.. Ahh how time flys... Me and him dont get along most of the time cuz of his sassy-ness and his hitting and stuff but he is still family. I hope he at least listens on his birthday.. Maybe he will grow up and stop his crap some day.. lol.. Love him tho..

Today the kids didnt have school.. They go back tomorrow. Which I think Im more excited about lol. I have her clothes picked out already and shes had her bath and we just have to do our nightly reading and she is off to bed..

Anyways, I hope everyone had a great weekend and a great Monday...


  1. Love this!
    Don't forget to check out my nail polish giveaway.

  2. thank u. :) and ill be sure to check our ur give away

  3. I am guilty of being a cheap shopper...if it's not super cheap or on special- chances are I will wait. I hate it!! But sometimes you end up getting better stuff that way. I love your blog because it's precisly the kind of stuff I look at when buying. oops, deleted msge somehow lol

    1. lol i love being a cheap shopper.. if i need something and its not cheap i have no choice but to get it but when it comes to makeup.. cheaper the better lol.