Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Foundation Collection and a Question

I dont have many and none of them are high end..
the most expensive one I have is only 10 dollars lol.
these are all from the drug store, walmart, and target.

There are a few different colors because in summer im tanner, fall and winter im super white lol and in spring im in between really white and just starting to get a lil darker.

some of the bottles are almost empty.

 These are all of themm ^^

I really dont like these ones but i do use them once in a great while. I hate the feel of it but once its on the skin for a few it feels fine.

These were once my all time fav. but they are now my 2nd all time fav.. These are 3 different shades. shade 1 is the lightest u can get. then there is a shade 3 which is for the spring and start of summer and then there is a 3.5 shade which is for the whole summer.

I have to be honest I just bought these because they were 50% off and I only a lil over 3 dollars each. I have only wore this kinda once. and i cant say if i like it or not because i wore it when my skin was dry so it was cakey and patchy. I do plan to try it again.

I like this one.. Its almost done. I got it at a Goodwill. It was brand new in the package and it was only $1.99. I use this one a lot when i do my makeup.

I have not tried this one yet.. I just got this one at Walgreens when they had the 50% ff sale..

Another one I have not tried. I have heard good thing about it tho. So im excited to try this one.

I ONLY wear this one for pics in the winter so it gives me a little color.

My all time fav foundation. I only use this when I go out or a family get together. I have it in Ivory (lightest color u can get) and then I have one in Buff that i use in the summer.

I dont know how i feel about this yet.. I used it last summer when it was really hot and didnt want my real foundation to melt off my face. This did leave my face a lil patchy and orange but then again my skin was bad. I had soem darker spots on my face and then some really white patches. Ima give it another shot this summer.

So there you have it.. All my foundations. and like i said they are all cheap foundations. I cant afford high end ones so these work for me. lol.

Whats your fav foundation???


  1. You have a lot of foundations compared to me! I only own three. I used to have the Dream Matte Mousse but ditched it quick. It made my skin feel oily. Right now I have the Maybelline Super Stay Makeup which I usually don't wear much because the other two are my all time favorites- Revlon Colorstay and L'Oreal Infallible. I wouldn't trade these for anything!! They have beat everything I have tried. =-)

    1. Now that I look at it i do have a lot for someone who hardly ever wears makeup lol. before i went threw my foundation i threw away 6 bottles that didnt have enough in them for half a face worth of foundation left in them lol. the maybelline matte mousse kinda sucks i got them last christmas (2010) and they hardly have a dent in them.. i dont know why i keep them lol.. and I wanna try the L'Oreal Infallible, but I think ill use up some of these other ones 1st. :)

  2. my ultimate favorite is revlon colorstay!

    new follower btw :)

  3. wow that a lot !
    I love the revlon color stay1