Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Love Sales.

I was online reading some blogs and someone had posted that at Kmart all Revlon make up was 40% off. So I talked my sister into going cuz we had to go to walmart anyways to pick up my nephews b-day gift which is an Ipod.. Lucky kid..

Anyways, the only Kmart around here is abour 45 mins away.. We got there and OMG Kmart is not cheap for makeup like they use to be.. A Revlon foundation was ALMOST12 dollars. At walmart they are only $9.98.. but with the 40% off I was like what the hell It will still be cheaper then the 10 dollars at walmart.. lol.

So, I only picked up one thing and that was the Revlon Color Stay Foundation in the color 110 Ivory.

So anyways I saved $4.80.. Cant go wrong there..

Im kinda kicking myself in the ass for not picking up a few more when I had the chance.. The sale is only until tomorrow (Thursday 1/26) And I wont be heading that way :( Oh well there will always be aonther sale some day.. Ill just stock up then :)

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  1. wow- that's cheap. I am considering checking it out now- I love Revlon cosmetics