Thursday, January 19, 2012

Small Haul with Pic.

Last week I put in an order on They had a deal going on with free shipping if you spend $13.50. So of course I jumped on it.. I didnt wanna have to spend 25 dollars just to get the free shipping. I didnt need too much.

I still ended up spending $19.00 (US dollars) But It was well worth it.

I ended up getting......
  • 2- Makeup Lock & Seal's
  • 2- Smudge Brush's
  • 2- Eye Crease Brush's
  • 4- Lip Sticks
  • 1- Eye Widener
  • 1- Brow Comb and Brush
  • 1- Conditioning Lip Balm 

My next few blog post will be of everything I got opened and swatched. I'll be doing the lip sicks in there own blog post because I also took pics of all the lip sticks on and I dont wanna over do one post with tons of pics!! :) 


  1. I love ELF products, they are so affordable and of great quality! Great haul here, their lipsticks are very good and i love their brushes! By the way great blog so far, I am a new follower and cant wait for more posts!

  2. I really need some brushes :) Great haul! :) xx

  3. Thanks Ladies.. Im not sure if I reply to comments here.. lol I love ELF. The brushes are great and cheap.. cant go wrong :)