Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My 1st review

Im no good at reviews.. But Im gonna give it a try..

If your in the states you know its winter.. and with winter come the DRY skin..
With me. Its my face.. And its not just a lil dry patch here and there its my WHOLE face.. I look like a skin shedding its skin..
Its a big pain in the ass..

In winter time I dont normaly wear make up because of the dry skin.. So far this winter I have only did my make up once.. and it looked so bad. I looked so cakey with dry skin hanging off..

Anyways.. I have tryed so many diff lotions and face creams..
So I started watching YouTube videos and reading blogs and decided to try a  moisture made just for the face. Well i tried a few of them and most of them made my face feel like i was wearing a mask of oil. 

Then I found Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture for Sensitive Skin

  At 1st I was ify with it because it did feel like it was pure oil. but once I rubbed it all it my face felt so smooth and soft, I did how ever have a few breakouts the 1st few days and they went away and I havent had any since.
I been using it for 2 weeks now twice a day along with a Neutrogena face scrub. And my face feels amazing..

If your cheap like me this stuff it a lil bit on the higher side. I paid a lil over $10.00(US dollars) for 4 oz. I got it from walmart.. lol..

I will be rebuying this once I run out.

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