Friday, January 20, 2012

Pictures from my last post

Like the title says, these are the pics of everything I got from e.l.f up close.. I havent tried some of them so when I do I'll post what I think about them :)

(Smudge brushes. I'm excited to see how these work)

(Crease Brush. another one i was excited to get. The one i have now is way to big and my eyes end up looking like crap lol)

(I mainly got this one for the lil comb part so I can trim my eye brows without ending up eyebrow-less lol)

(Eye Widener. Not sure how I feel about this one yet. Its really creamy and I had to pust a lil hard to get it to show up n my hand. So we will see ho wit works on the eyes)

(Makeup lock and seal. I been trying to get my hands on this since it came out but it was always outta stock so when I seen it come back into stock I got 2 right away. Cant wait to try this..)

My next post will be all LIPS!! lol. I'm gonna try to work on that one now before I have to go to the store and get back before my daughter gets home from school in 3 hours. Once she is home I really dont have time to sit down unless she watches some


  1. Thanks so much for following me!
    I'm looking forward to catching up on your blog :)

  2. I have got to try out the eyeshadow brush- many people say it works great. I own some of the ELF brushes but they are the Studio ones. I love them btw. I'm curious about that Makeup lock and seal, will wait for your opinion. =-)

  3. Your welcome Scarlett :)

    Iridescent Colors- The only studio brushes I own is the Powder one and and one of the eye shadow ones. and I LOVE them.. All my other brushes are frm the dollar line.. I havent had a problem with any of them yet. :) I will be trying the Lock and Seal some time this weekend :)