Saturday, January 21, 2012

Green and Yellow makeup (pictures)

I live in Wisconsin (USA) and if you know the USA we love football..
In Wisconsin our team is the PACKERS! And ur colors are Green and Yellow (or gold if u wanna use that lol)

And if your a football fan and in the USA you know that the Packers are out of the play offs now. :(
(Last Sunday they lost. I was so heart broken... But thats still my team and I love them)

Anyways, when football season started I did a Green and Yellow eye look.. And I wore it for almost every Sunday/Monday when they played..
(I even got my 4 year old daughter in on it and she let me put a lil eye shadow on her but if you have a 4 year old you know they are to wiggly, so she ended up with shadow all around her eyes lol)

Here is the list of the products I used.

120 Full Colors Eye Shadow Palett (I got off ebay from Hong Kong)
ELF Eye Lash curler
Wet n Wild eyeliner brush (to put the eye shadow under my eyes)
ELF blending brush
ELF eye lid primer
Rimmel Day 2 Night Mascara
Maybelline New York unstoppable eyeliner in the color Onyx
ELF Eye Shadow Brush

And down below is My Daughter.. She looks like a lil boy lol.. But she keeps telling me to post her picture.. She wants to show off her Packer gear.. lol

Anyways, I hope ya'll enjoyed this post.. Im not really good at doing makeup because I really dont wear it lol. Bit I love it!! If your reading this I hope your all having a great weekend.



  1. The colours remind me of a green tree frog :)

    1. lol now that u said that i can see how that would look like a tree frog.. haha..

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  3. I love this look!!!!!!!!!
    I am giving you an award, follow this link if you want to take part :)

    1. thank u.. i have a few awards i need to post this week :)

  4. That is such a great way to sport your team colors! Now following,stop by my beauty blog sometime! xoxo